Retevis RT68 Walkie Talkies Adults Long Range,Handsfree Small Rugged, Rechargeable Two Way Radio, 2 Way Radios with Earpieces (6 Pack)

SKU: A9175AX3-C9150AX6

  • Powerful penetration; RT68 walkie talkie can penetrate concrete or steel surfaces which make it a cost-effective sound solution for construction;manufacturing;warehousing; retail; hospitality; school
  • Palm-sized radio; easy to operate;each radio has a knob and buttons for easy adjustments of volume; channel selection;durable clip which can be installed and removed quickly without a screwdriver
  • Versatile and rugged two way radios;the RT68 will not only provide clear and loud audio transmission; but will also stand up to the demanding physical conditions;protects against damage from shock; vibration
  • Allow you to get calls with your team in high-traffic occasion; 0-9 level noise reduction; clear transmission and reception of audio even in noisy places
  • Sturdy;durable;reliable; and easy to use;RT68 two way radios are an affordable way to improve employee and staff communications without having to use bulkier traditional radios

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Retevis RT68 two way radios provide clear communication and excellent range in a compact and rugged design,which make it a cost-effective sound solution for construction, manufacturing, warehousing, retail, hospitality, school.

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